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Headwaters Resources, located in Wisconsin, was formed in 2000 and has extensive experience in government land/geographic/E911 information systems development and integration at multi-governmental levels. We pride ourselves on understanding our customers and their needs. We have been an esri business partner since before inception, and have built experience with all the esri platforms since the late 80's (yes back to PC Arc/Info SML, ArcInfo - AML, including the Autodesk platforms, and Micro-Station). Let us help you with your esri software needs, purchases, setups, migrations, and integrations.

Headwaters Resources approaches all projects by employing the best in class concept. The best in class concept is defined by the use of strategic partners to create the best and most appropriate solutions for all of its clients. That concept can span all levels of GIS development from needs assessments to system design, to data automation and final implementation.

We specialize in implementing and developing land information systems that take advantage of existing resources and emerging technologies. We help to integrate all departments from Land Records to 911/Dispatch and Sheriff. We have worked with Parks, Highway, and Conservation deparments to develop unique solutions to truely unique problems. Whether its design, implementation, automation, analytical processing, or project managment Headwaters Resources is here to help you.

We have a long work history across the U.S. of implementing unque data designs and showcased by top rated web sites. Some of our county clients have been counties with populations in excess of 1 million and others with as few as 6,500. We have worked with both state and federal agencies to set data and policy standards, let us work with you. 

Please feel free to browse our web site and learn more about what we can do for you and your organization. 

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